Chords for Beginner guitar: Easy Chords for playing songs

You have started learning the guitar, but you will have to play the song from the beginning. For this, I have brought Chords for Beginner Guitar for you. Here I will give you 3 chords progression for beginners, in which there will be a progression of 3 major and 3 minor chords.

With this chords progression, you can play over 100 Bollywood songs. But below we have discussed how these chords beginners can play with songs on the guitar. If you want to know, read this post carefully from beginning to end.

Chords for Beginner guitar: Easy Chords for playing songs 1
Chords for Beginner guitar Easy Chords for playing songs

Before you know beginners chords, you should know what chords are? And how chords are made. You also need to know how chords work with songs. If you understand these, you can play chords by yourself with the guitar from the beginner level.

What is Chords for Beginner Guitar

In short, Begin’s guitar chords are chords that beginners can play easily. Such as E Minor, C Major, D Major, A Major, A Minor, etc. Below I will tell you how to hold and play these chords.

What is Chords

But now let’s know what chords are. chords are when we play more than one note at a time, it is call chords. But these chords have some simple positions. This allows you to play chords better.

How Chords Work with Songs

The chords of this scale are played in rhythm by matching the scale of the melody of the song. It is sweet to listen to the song. And in this way chords play a special role in the song.

How to learn chords for Beginner Guitar

It is very difficult for beginners to hold the chords first. But before playing chords you have to exercise the finger. These finger exercises will bring strength to your fingers, after which you will be able to play chords. If you don’t know finger exercise, watch the video below.

Guitar finger exercises for beginners [Chords for Beginner guitar]

E Minor chords are great when it comes to strength in your fingers. Take a look at the diagram below. But keep in mind that string number 1 will be the thinnest string at the bottom of the guitar.

Chords for Beginner guitar
E minor

Press the string with the middle finger and ring finger of the 2nd fret. Looks like the picture, then slowly plays a string and sees that all the strings are sounding well. Release the catch, hold it again and practice this way. Practice all the chords given below in exactly the same way. Also, shift from one chord to another.

Basic chords for Beginner Guitar

There are 22 basic chords. So in between, I will tell you a major chords progression and a minor chords progression which you can easily play many Bollywood songs by singing yourself. But you can’t play with the original song. But you can play it to your own tune. With the help of these chords.

Major chords progression is G major, C major, D major

Minor chords are also E minor, C major, D major

Basic Chords Diagram

With this progression, you can play any song of Major Scale. And So play minor scale songs in minor progression. But keep in mind that this is not 100% accurate, but first, you start with it. But 80% of the songs will match.

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I hope you understand better. When I was a beginner learning to play the guitar, this is how I learned to play the chords in the guitar. In my opinion, first, you will play with single strumming. So If you like my post, please share it with your friends, and if you have any questions, write in the comments.

[Chords for Beginner guitar]

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