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Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar Differences and Difficulty

Are you a beginner and you want to buy a guitar? But you can’t decide whether to buy an electric guitar or buy an acoustic guitar. Don’t worry, in this post, you will know acoustic guitar vs electric guitar.

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar

And know more electric guitar vs acoustic guitar differences, is electric guitar easier to play than acoustic and is the electric guitar the same as the acoustic guitar.

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar Differences

There are many differences between acoustic guitar vs electric guitar. The differences are with the Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar
For example: –

  • Body
  • Size and weight
  • Neck and Strings
  • Tone
  • Music
  • Price

We have discussed these in the details below, to know all this, you read with your mind at the end.

Body Differences

Acoustic Guitar body
Acoustic Guitar body

Acoustic Guitar:- The acoustic guitar has a sound hole with a large hollow body just below the string. The acoustic guitar has a sound hole with a large hollow body just below the string. The body of the acoustic guitar is made of plywood. It’s called the “soundboard“. And Spruce or red cedar, which is chosen for its sound quality.


Electric Guitar:- The body of the electric guitar is smaller than the acoustic guitar. The body of an electric guitar is usually a hollow body. The raw materials for making an electric guitar body are maple, walnut, ash, aged. And made with well-crafted hardwoods for a solid body.

Size and weight

Acoustic Guitar: Acoustic guitars are large and lightweight. And with the sound hale.


Electric Guitar: Electric Guitar is small and heavyweight without soundhole.

Neck and Strings Electric Vs Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar: The acoustic guitar’s neck has some dense strings and separates. The Acoustic guitars have a much wider neck. Acoustic guitars use nylon or steel strings, usually bronze, bronze, and phosphor bronze.


Electric Guitar: Electric guitars are usually closer to string with thinner and softer strings. Because of the pickup on the electric guitar, a high iron material string is used.

Tone Electric

Electric guitar: Electronic guitars are versatile when it comes to sound. The reason is the use of an amp and other accessories. The electric guitar has multiple pickups, tone and volume knobs that can be easily played with any sound or effect.


Acoustic Guitar: Acoustic guitars have a singular tone without amplification. There are also tonal differences between different acoustic guitars, depending on the material and the size of the guitar made with the acoustic guitar.

Music Electric Vs Acoustic Guitar

Electric guitar: Electric guitars have effects to create a wide and final tone, you can play any type of music with them.


Acoustic Guitar: The lack of amplification limits the use of the acoustic guitar to music where the clear acoustic tune sounds good.

Price Electric Vs Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar: The price of a beginner acoustic guitar is much lower than the price of an electric guitar. The acoustic guitar will get you from 4000 to 10000 rupees. I have written an article about the best 5 acoustic guitars for beginner read this article.


Electric Guitar: Electric guitars cost more because they come with a lot of accessories. Without these accessories, you can’t play an electric guitar. The price of a good electric guitar starts at 10000. Check this article Best 5 Electric Guitar with Price in India.

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Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play Than Acoustic

The smaller body of electric guitars, thinner neck, and light gauge strings are used so it’s easier to play. Pickups and amplifiers do all the work of generating sound. So a light touch with a light string makes it perfectly easy to play an electric guitar.

Is The Electric Guitar The Same As The Acoustic Guitar

They both have an equal string on the long neck that is divided into sections by a piece of metal called “frets.” Both acoustic and electric guitars use tuning pegs.

In effect, electronic and acoustic guitars work the same. Plucking any string then produces a shocking sound. By pressing the string on the frets vibrate at different frequencies and a separate note is created.

There are some similarities between acoustic guitar vs electric guitar, such as acoustic guitar playing by picking and streaming. That’s exactly the way electric guitar and playing are. But there are many other types of sounds and effects that can be played on an electric guitar.

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Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar Difficulty

Acoustic Guitar Difficulty:

  • The Acoustic guitars are made with heavy gauge strings thus giving no primary advantage to the fingers. This can cause pain at the fingertips and ultimately create discomfort which will initially discourage.
  • Acoustic guitars are considered more fragile than electronic ones.
  • They have fretboards that are wider than electric guitars, a feature that is not friendly at all.
  •  Acoustic guitar strings have a tendency to produce a thunderstorm due to the increased gauge.
  • Barge cords make it more difficult to hold when compared to higher gauge strings, usually with electric guitar strings.

Electric Guitar Difficulty

  • You will need to purchase an amplifier and this can be expensive for the beginner.
  • A good tone can be difficult to find, especially for beginners who have a little knowledge about amps and guitars. Wrong tunes may discourage them from continuing.
  •   Learning to play an electronic guitar is not an automatic indication that you can play acoustic guitar.

What to Learn First Acoustic or Electric Guitar

It depends on you what kind of music you want to play. If you are a beginner guitarist who dreams of writing and singing music while streaming acoustic guitar, the acoustic guitar would be good for them.

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If a newbie wants to listen to rock music and do like their favorite guitar heroes, they need an electric guitar, and they probably won’t be too keen on learning acoustic guitar.

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I hope that by reading this post you have come to know all about acoustic guitar vs electric guitar and have helped you. Help your friends by sharing this post.

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