Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810 Compare πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚And Differences

Hello everyone welcomes back to my blog. Today’s post is going to be great because today I will compare Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810. In this post, you will see what are the similarities and differences in these two guitars. And also I’ll tell you why I prefer cort ad810 more than Yamaha f310.

Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810
Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810

Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810

If your budget is under β‚Ή10000, then Yamaha f310 and cort ad810 are really good options. Both the guitars are really good quality. Also, both guitars are manufacturing in Indonesia. But Yamaha f310 is very popular because Yamaha is a big brand.

And they manufacture quality instruments and the f310 has been on the market for quite some years. And this model has never disappointed anyone. I have never heard that f310 has any problems it’s a really good guitar and in India. It’s the most preferred brand guitar.

Price Difference Of Yamaha f310 and Cort ad810

And cort ad810 is also a really good guitar. cort is not as popular as Yamaha. But cort offers really good features at a particular price point. Both the guitars retail around β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή8500 price keeps on fluctuating.

Sometimes Yamaha gets a price hike sometime cort does. So it fluctuates. But both the guitars price remain in the β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή9000 range


Both the guitars have all laminate construction.Both guitars have almost identical specs. In Yamaha f310 you get spruce top meranti back and sides, nato neck and rosewood fretboard and rosewood bridge.

In cort ad810 you get spruce top mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard rosewood bridge. So on paper if you see back and sides are different.

Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810

In Yamaha, you are getting meranti back and sides. And the neck is made from nato wood. Also, and nato is the same as mahogany. It is knowing as eastern mahogany.

And in cort ad810 you get mahogany back and sides. Which is a very traditional combination with spruce as guitar top and mahogany in back and sides on paper it’s different. But the quality of both the guitars is the same.


Both are equally durable there no problem at all soundwise also they are the same. If you want to listen the sound samples of these guitars. Bot the guitars have nearly identical sound.

It depends on your personal preference. Which guitar’s sound suits you the most. Some might like cort ad810 and some might like Yamaha f310. But there isn’t any major difference in the sound.

Specification of Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810

So specification and build quality wise both guitars are quite similar. And sound-wise also they are similar. So now let’s talk about where comes the major difference. The first difference between both these guitars is finish.

Yamaha f310 has a mixed finish. The body has a gloss finish and the neck has a matt finish. You get three colours in f310. This is the natural colour of the one I am holding. Another option is tobacco sunburst.

Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810

And recently a new colour has come i.e. the cherry sunburst colour. That’s also a really good colour and I really liked it. In cort ad 810, you will get a full matt finish.

The top and back, as well as the neck, is full matt finish. It looks and feels really good. Also the back and sides especially in the natural colour. This is known as the natural open-pore finish. It comes out really well and gives a premium and professional touch to the guitar.

Finish wise both guitars are good. But cort puts some extra effort to give a premium finish which looks like an expensive guitar. So this is the major difference in looks.

Second difference

The second difference between both the guitars is the neck profile. Yamaha f310 neck is a little thicker as compared to cort ad810. Cort ad810 has a more sleek and comfortable neck as compared to the Yamaha f310.

Third difference

Third and most important difference between these guitars is string spacing.

Yamaha f310 has a narrow string spacing. String spacing basically means the distance between two strings. In Yamaha, you will get a 10mm distance between the strings.

Yamaha has specified on their own website in f310’s specification. So the distance between the two strings is 10mm in f310. And in cort ad810 distance between two strings is 11-11.5mm

There is not a big difference in Yamaha it’s 10mm and in cort it’s 11-11.5mm. But while playing the guitar you can feel the difference. If you compare Yamaha f310 and cort ad810 simultaneously. Then this difference is noticeable.


Difference of 1-1.5mm looks small and seems like a very small issue. But when you play both the guitars simultaneously you can feel the difference. If you want to play fingerstyle guitar then cort ad810 is a really good option.

On f310 also it’s possible to play fingerstyle. But when you are spending β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή8500 then why not buy a guitar. In which you are able to play everything..from strumming to fingerstyle everything is comfortable.

This is the only point in which I really feel that Yamaha should improve the string spacing. Then overall f310 will be the perfect guitar.

Fourth difference

Fourth difference between both these guitars is stock strings. In yamaha f310 you get bronze strings out of the box. And in cort ad810 you get phosphorus bronze coated strings.

Coated strings main advantage is that you don’t need to change them for a long time. As they have a anti rust coating which makes them more durable and lasting when compared to normal strings. So basically you can avoid the expense of changing strings after few months.

This is the only advantage and there is no major difference as such. The fifth difference between both the guitars is the semi-acoustic or electro-acoustic variant of both these guitars.

Price difference

If you want to buy the semi-acoustic variant of these guitars then there is a considerable amount of difference in the price. Yamaha f310 semi-acoustic variant fx310a is priced around β‚Ή14k-β‚Ή15k. It’s the same as f310 with an equalizer pickup with the inbuilt tuner.

And it’s not a branded pickup like a pickup from Fishman. It’s a stock pickup from Yamaha. But there is a huge price difference the f310 costs around β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή8500. But it’s semi-acoustic variant is around β‚Ή14k-β‚Ή15k. It’s almost double the price of the normal variant.

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So I don’t feel it’s worth it. If you are planning to buy semi-acoustic. Then don’t buy the semi-acoustic version of f310. It’s better to buy a simple f310. And buy a pickup separately. That’s more economical even you can get the Fishman pickup and it’s still cheaper than the semi-acoustic version fx310a. And if I talk about cort ad810.

Yamaha f310 vs cort ad810

It’s a semi-acoustic variant. It’s just β‚Ή2000 expensive than the normal variant. Cort ad810 is around β‚Ή8500 and it’s semi-acoustic variant cort ad810e is around β‚Ή10,000-β‚Ή10,500.

So there is not a major difference. Simple acoustic of is around β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή8500 and semi-acoustic of cort is around β‚Ή10,000-β‚Ή10,500. So if you have a budget if around β‚Ή10,000 and you want to buy a semi-acoustic guitar. Then cort ad810e is a really good option.


This post is mainly for those people who are planning to buy a new guitar. And a lot of people buy f310 from word of mouth. But my main purpose of this video was to tell you the technical difference. And the main difference that I told you is the string spacing. That’s the main issue.

Yamaha F310 Vs Cort ad810

Yamaha F310

A lot of people play fingerstyle on f310 without any problem. But I feel when you are shelling out β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή8500 then why not buy a guitar which has no issues at all. This is what I feel rest everyone has a personal opinion and choice. A lot of people want to buy f310 even after knowing all this. There is nothing wrong with it. And if you don’t have any interest in fingerstyle then buy f310 without any doubt or hesitation.


Cord ad810

And I like cort ad810 more because in β‚Ή8000-β‚Ή8500 they offer a really good finish. Especially the natural open-pore finish. It gives a really premium feel and its neck is really good and very comfortable. It’s slightly thinner. So it quite good and smooth and you get coated strings in this guitar.

Cord ad810

It’s not that important but still, it’s an add on advantage. You are spending the same amount of money on both the guitar but in cort you are getting an add on point. And the most important point as I told you is the string spacing. I have other brand guitars like fender, martin.

They all have the same string spacing only f310 has a narrow string spacing. And I hope that in future Yamaha will upgrade f310 and improve on this issue that they increase the string spacing.

So that fingerstyle playing becomes very comfortable. So how did you find today’s video do tell me in the comment section? If you have any doubts or queries then do comment I will definitely answer those.


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