Which is best Yamaha F310 vs F280? And Difference

This post will be very interesting because in this post I will discuss Yamaha F310 vs F280. And also this question comes to your mind which is the best Yamaha F310 vs F280? However, you will find the answer to this question in this post.

Yamaha F310 vs F280

I have previously reviewed these two guitars Yamaha F310 and Yamaha F280 guitars separately. Yet you had some doubts. So in this post, I will explain Yamaha F310 vs F280 well.

But to understand this Yamaha F310 vs F280 better, read from beginning to end. Because you can’t understand if you miss a point.

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Fretboard Yamaha F310 Vs Yamaha F280

Yamaha F310 and F280 There is no difference between the fretboard and the neck. But the Yamaha F310 and F280 are made of fretboard and neck rosewood. And it also works very well on the fretboard and can be seen between the two guitars.

The two guitars have truss rods so the fretboard won’t bend and we can easily adjust the steering action on the guitar.


Dreadnought, traditional style acoustic guitar on both Yamaha F310 and F280 guitars. Also, the Yamaha F310 has a top gloss finish and a back and side matt finish.

Similarly, the Yamaha F260 guitar has also been made. So Yamaha made no difference between the two guitars on the body.


I really like the overall quality of the two guitars, the Yamaha F310 and the Yamaha F280. We can also believe that Yamaha will not compromise on quality. And these guitars have a very good kind of tuning knot, so the tuning stays stable for a long time.

Yamaha f280 vs f310 Price

There is a slight difference in price between the Yamaha f280 and the f310. So, I get a Yamaha f280 from Amazon for Rs. 6990 and a Yamaha f310 for Rs 10999.

Further, the Yamaha f280 is made in India and the Yamaha f310 is made in the UK. So as the cost of transportation increases, we can see the difference in prices.


There is no such difference between the sound. But the string spacing on the Yamaha F280 guitar has improved a bit. However, the F280 has 11mm string spacing and the Yamaha F310 has 10mm string spacing.

As a result, there is some difficulty in playing fingerpicking, but I like playing fingerpicking in F280. So, you can hear the sound in the video below.

Regularly Asked Questions

Is Yamaha f310 good for beginners

Yes, Yamaha f310 is a great option for beginners. Because Yamaha this guitar is also relatively easy to play with good sound.

Is Yamaha f310 a good guitar

Yes, Yes, Yamaha F310 is a very good guitar. Because it is made of a very good type of wood so it has durability and stability for a long time with good sound.

Which is best Yamaha F310 vs F280?

In short my opinion, there is no such difference between the hardware of the Yamaha f310 and f280 guitar. But we see the difference in price. So, looking at this difference, I can say that the Yamaha F280 guitar is better.

However, the Yamaha F310 left the price side. Otherwise, the F310 Good guitar from all sides. But I think in the future Yamaha F280 will become the best-selling guitar in India.


Yamaha F310

  • Body Materia:-Rosewood
  • Neck Material:-Rosewood
  • String Material:-Steel
  • String Pacing:- 10mm
  • Customer Rating:-5 star out of 5 star

Yamaha F280

  • Body Materia:-Rosewood
  • Neck Material:-Rosewood
  • String Material:-Steel
  • String Pacing:- 11mm
  • Customer Rating:-4. star out of 5 star

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