Yamaha f310 vs fs100c Comparison: Which guitar is better?

Yamaha f310 vs fs100c Comparison and Difference

Are you Confucius? Yamaha f310 vs fs100c would be good for you. There is no reason to worry so much, you can read this post from beginning to end to know which guitar is better, the Yamaha F310 or FS100C? And also with that, you can learn more about Yamaha f310 and Yamaha fs100c guitar.

Yamaha f310 vs fs100c

However, there is a slight gap between the Yamaha f310 vs fs100c. And Most importantly everything else is pretty much the same. But there are two important differences between Yamaha f310 vs fs100c. Which I will discuss before this poster. But more importantly, there is a war going on between Yamaha f310 vs fs100c, let’s see who wins.

About Yamaha f310 vs fs100c

The Yamaha f310 is a very popular acoustic guitar. And it’s a very demanding acoustic guitar, and many great guitarists use the Yamaha F310.

However, Yamaha recently launched another acoustic guitar, the Yamaha FS100C. Therefore the Yamaha FS100C is roughly the same as the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar. But there are some differences that we will discuss step by step.


The top of the Yamaha f310 acoustic guitar is made of spruce material. And also the back and sides are made with tropical toned. It also has Nato or Mahogany material on the neck. Fingerboard and bridge are being made with Rosewood.

Yamaha f310


The Yamaha FS100C is built in exactly the same way as the Yamaha F310 Guitar with the same material. So there is no difference between material for Yamaha f310 vs fs100c.

Yamaha fs100c

Size Yamaha f310 vs fs100c

Speaking of the size of the Yamaha f310 and Yamaha fs100c guitars, the Yamaha f310 guitar is a 41-inch guitar. Comes with Body Length- 505mm (19 7/8 “), Scale Length 634mm (25”), and Nut Width 43mm (1 11/16”).


Yamaha FS100C 40 inch acoustic guitar. And its Body Length 497mm (199/16 “) scale length is 634mm (25”) and nut width is 43mm (1.6 “). However, if all sides are equal, there is a difference in total length and body length. In addition, the Yamaha f310 vs fs100 is the difference between body width and more body.

Body Shape Yamaha f310 vs fs100c


The body shape of Yamaha f310 is Traditional Western shape. And in other words, the body shape of Yamaha FS100C is Cutaway shaped. Here you can see the difference in body shape between Yamaha f310 vs fs100c. The body of the Yamaha FS100C is shaped like a cutaway, making it easier to play on the 14th fret.


There are many differences between sound. The body of Yamaha F310 is 41 inches so the bass sound is good. On the other hand, Yamaha fs100c 40inch hok style guitar. It also becomes a medium size guitar. As a result there is a slight difference in sound. In the Yamaha fs100c guitar, mid-range tones are available. This means treble and bass will sound even.


There is not much difference between the price of Yamaha f310 and Yamaha fs100c guitar. The only way to get affordable is to play the guitar. You will get a 10% discount if you buy from the Amazon link given below.

Yamaha F310 or FS100C

Check Offer Yamaha f310 Check Offer Yamaha fs100c

But there is a difference of Rs 500 to Rs 600 between the price of Yamaha f310 and Yamaha fs100c guitar.

Which is Better for Playing

Therefore Yamaha f310 and Yamaha fs100c are good for playing both guitars. It’s up to you which one is best for you. If you love playing streaming, the Yamaha F310 is good for you. Because bass sound is better for streaming. On the other hand, if you love to play the guitar at fingerpicking, you can take the Yamaha Fs100c.

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Which guitar is better, the Yamaha F310 or FS100C?

Both the Yamaha F310 and the FS100C are good because Yamaha made them. Yamaha makes no mistake in producing the guitar or its quality. We read the difference between the Yamaha F310 or FS100C above and found that both guitars are almost the same.

However, there are some differences between the Yamaha F310 and the FS100C. That is, in the look and its sound quality. Which is better, Yamaha F310 or FS100C? To know this, we need to know what we love to play.

So if you love playing streaming, Yamaha F310 will be a good guitar for you. Because good bass is needed to make swimming attractive. And the Yamaha F310 guitar has good bass. But if you want to know more about Yamaha f310 guitar, you can read the Yamaha f310 Acoustic Guitar Review post.

On the other hand, if you love to play more fingerpicking, you can buy the Yamaha fs100c guitar. Because the bass strings and treble strings of the Yamaha fs100c guitar produce even sound. As a result, it’s nice to hear in the rhythm of the fingerpicking style.

So, If you want to know more about Yamaha Fs100c, you can read my post-Yamaha fs100c Acoustic Guitar Review.

Yamaha f310 vs fs100c

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Lastly, I hope you understand the difference between Yamaha f310 and fs100c better in this post. However, if you have any questions, you can comment below. I promise I’ll reply to your comment as soon as I can.

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